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There have been numerous times that the public has seen actual proof of Alien existence, yet they dismiss the evidence as false or fabricated and go on with their hamster wheel way of existence. Take the alien autopsy tape for example, I've gone to great lengths investigating Santilli and all of the other circumstances surrounding the video. Most people who are somewhat familiar with the video, think that the dead alien was recovered from the Roswell crash in early July 1947, when in fact, it was recovered from a downed craft on May 31, 1947. The point of impact was 12.5 miles West by Southwest of Socorro New Mexico (I've been there several times).

Unknown to most, there were actually six American Indian children who witnessed a ball of fire falling from the sky and heard it's impact. The children ran toward the smoke and came upon a crashed disc and it's badly injured occupants. A short time after they arrived at the crash site, they heard the sound of vehicles approaching. It was the arrival of military soldiers, which at first made the children happy that help had arrived. Then, as the soldiers surrounded the small creatures and their craft with their rifles pointing at the creatures, two soldiers approached the children and according to the young witnesses they weren't very nice. The children were yelled at to leave the area immediately and not to come back, so frightened, they quickly left.

However, once out of view of the soldiers, two of the six children circled around towards the entrance to the Box Canyon dirt road and made their way up a steep hill that came to an abrupt end. It was a straight drop down about 100 feet to the narrow canyon below. It was also directly above the downed craft, so they had front row seats to the military's recovery of the craft and it's occupants directly below them. It took me almost two weeks in and around Socorro, before I finally located and conducted a face to face interview with two of the six kids who were still living and well into their sixties. The two grown men that I found, were also the same two boys who watched the entire incident from the cliffs above! They went on to explain that two of the four creatures that they saw were still alive and laying on the ground, clinging with both arms to what they described as flat shiny boxes. They told me that when the soldiers surrounded and started approaching the creatures, they both started screaming in terror while clinging even harder to the strange boxes.

The witnesses said that the soldiers acted as though they were afraid of getting too close to the small creatures and that they looked very foolish, not like military soldiers. They went on to tell me that one soldier who seemed to be in charge of the others, started yelling at the soldiers to move in and get the freaks immediately. It was actually kind of funny to the kids, watching the soldiers close in on the creatures until the creatures started screaming even louder, then the soldiers would run away for a few feet then start moving in again. After about a 30 minute standoff, one of the soldiers let out a shout and quickly moved in on the creature who was injured the most and made a grab for the shiny box, but the creature woudn't let it go. While the one soldier was in a tug of war match for the box, another soldier ran up and rammed the creature on the side of it's head with the barrel of his rifle. After seeing this, the two young boys, very frightened and beginning to cry, quickly left the area. At that point of telling me their story, they both looked me square in the eye and told me that they will never forget seeing the small, badly injured creature being hit by the soldier with his rifle. They went on to say that the creatures looked a lot like people and had done nothing wrong, they just crashed on the our planet and instead of finding someone to help them, they were treated like wild animals.

After hearing their story and watching their gestures and their eyes, I asked them if they would look at a videotape that I had with me. Fortunately, I carry all of my equipment with me where ever I go, because neither elderly native indians owned a VCR. At this point, the witnesses had never seen the autopsy video and in fact had no idea that such a video even existed, so I showed it to them. The minute the video started, the witnesses started crying and told me that this was the same creature that they saw in 1947. They said that now the world would know that they had told the truth about what they saw. Despite the fact that they told of the crash 58 years earlier and that their story coincided with the story told by the military cameraman who was called to the crash site and again called to film the autopsy at White Sands, and despite the fact that in the autopsy footage, there is a wound at the temple of the dead alien that could have easily been made by the barrel of a rifle, both myself and the witnesses were ignored by the media. There is also something that I discovered in the autopsy footage about 3 years ago. When the pathologist is removing the black membrane coverings from the aliens eyes and the camera is pulling away from a very close proximity, the eyes BLINK!!! While this is barely noticeable by just watching the tape, it is there. With just a good quality VCR with a stop motion feature, you can catch the frame where the eye lids are closed. Check it out for yourselves. This Alien was obviously a biological being, it is not at all uncommon when movement occurs after death in humans as well as animals. The fact that the eyes blink during the autopsy almost immediately after the Pathologist removes the black coverings from the eyes, was surely a reaction from the body's central nervous system. This event would indicate that the Alien was a real, living being, before being killed at the crash site.

Everybody says Santilli blew his credibility when asked certain questions about the video well after it's release. I have concluded that Santilli was visited by some very scary people, who told him in no uncertain terms, that he had made quite a lot of money from the video and that if he wanted to be around to spend his substantial fortune, that he would publicly admit that it was all an elaborate hoax perpetrated by himself and several of his associates.

The autopsy video was scrutinized by both experts and debunkers for two Months and was holding it's own as being the genuine article, while gaining global popularity. It became quite obvious that there was only one person alive who could easily debunk the video and permanently kill the story, Ray Santilli. It was accepted that Santilli created the fake video, which was his unprovoked, public admission that he was a fraud. His only other option as explained to him was that ha would simply disappear and never seen alive again.

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